Smartphone Thursday

Hear what Winnie learned today.........


Helping older members of the Community with their Smartphones

Tea Dance 2012

Dancing, laughter and more...

Everyone had a brilliant time

Christmas Party 2011

Have a look at our little video of our party on Friday 13th Jan 2012...

Christmas 2010

Have a look at our video which was made at our Christmas Party

Our first West End Time Bank Video !!!

Members talking about their experiences

We recorded this video after we had been running for about nine months - hope you enjoy hearing about the experiences of different people who are involved

About us

The West End Time Bank received funding for its first year of operation in January 2009. Two time brokers were appointed in early January - Tracey Rivers and Margaret Bloomer.

Record quarter for hours exchanged !!!!

Membership of the Time Bank has now reached 127 (individuals and organisations). We are in our fourth year and have just processed the statistics for the final quarter of 2011. Over 360 hours were exchanged among members - the highest quarter since 2010. WELL DONE EVERYONE! This included coffee mornings, companionship, language classes, leaflet delivery and loads more ! We are always ready to welcome new friends so please come along and join in ............