Bollywood demo EFFECT April 2018

thank YOU guys for donating burgers for our Soho EFFECT supper !!!

Ollie from Healthy Hearts passes on the Knowledge at EFFECT Supper Mar18

EFFECT Supper Mar 18

Sandringham Smartphone Session Feb 2018

Smartphone Thursday is One Year Old !! Feb 2018

Christmas 2017 - thank you Capco!

Little Italy Xmas Lunch - thank you Capco !

Little Italy Xmas Lunch - thank you Capco !!

on the terrace at Buckingham Palace

Free Ice Cream from our Newest Neighbours Ben & Jerrys

Summer BBQ July 2017 - all ready to go !!

Day Trip to Brighton July 2017

Antonello entertaining at EFFECT June 2017

Food a plenty EFFECT April 2017

Mary tucking in

Dance Fever

Bollywood Dance EFFECT Supper April 2017

Lizzie Dom Neil

Life Drawing EFFECT Mar 2017

Supper time - EFFECT ART

Lovely Xmas Lunch at Little Italy sponsored by our Covent Garden Neighbours CAPCo

Ingrid shows off her "special" Membership Card !

Our Xmas Party at the House of St Barnabas 2016