Brian Phoebe and Pedro

Pedro from Angola

Mr Lee telling his story - EMBRACE evening one

5th Anniversary Party at the Casino at the Empire Leicester Square (all photos P Nganga) - the lovely Brian Parker

Neil talks to Ross Dines Pizza Express

Spyros and the Councillor Candidate Paul Church

Sonia Angela and Ingrid

Linda and Terry all the way from TB USA !

Sweet Eileen and Rosie

Andrew Murray and David Evans

Cindy and her Orchid !

5th Anniversary Party (all photos P Nganga) David Bieda Matthew Bennett Chris Best (founder) Neil D

Our Friends from the Chinese Community Centre

Lunch in Brighton

Brighton all together

Neil addressing the audience at the Leader's Breakfast

Neil with Philippa Roe Leader of Westminster Council

EFFECT evening three - Our Flamenco Show !

the Team !

New friends

Lots of great food

EFFECT evening two Chinese Theme

Joffy proposing to Sonia ?!

Xmas Tree 2012